Mt. Diablo: A Hike for the Ages

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Started the weekend with a sigh of relief – it’s been 3 weeks since I’ve returned to my dearly missed city by the bay! What better way to embrace the natural beauty and warmth of home than a hike up Mt. Diablo?

Organized by my friend Jeff, the hike on the Grand Loop Trail promised us 2,500 feet of elevation change and a total mileage of 6.5 miles to the summit and back. It was extremely windy when we arrived at the Juniper Campground parking lot, and the force of the wind drove us back to our cars for shelter while we waited for the rest of our 18-person group to arrive. This hike has pretty rugged terrain and incredibly steep inclines (my glutes and legs were sore the next day!) so I definitely recommend layers because my body temperature swung wildly between hot and cold.

Mt. Diablo, CA Grand Loop Trail Hike
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January 26, 2015